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International Glamping Federation

Whether you own & operate a glamping site or you are looking to experience glamping for yourself and want to find a brilliant location The Glamping Federation is here to provide information.
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Researches, Analyses and Articles
Get the access to the market insights. Follow the current trends and researches that will help you to expand your existing business or launch a new one.
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Inspiring Interviews and Case Studies
Get inspired by glamping resort owners, learn from their experience and join the community to immerse in the glamping world.
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Advertising and Marketing
Join the list of the best glamping resorts in the world. Promote your business and share your assets to all glamping enthusiasts
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Expert Panel and Webinars
Meet qualified experts who will help you in your current business development or assist you in creating one.
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About glamping

What is Glamping?

Glamping (blend of the words “glamorous” and “camping”) is an alternatetraveling option and a unique way to disconnect from everyday life. Authentic experiences intertwine with deep mind and body relaxation in the most remote locations. Glamping is all about great quality of the journey taken outwards but also inwards. During this journey, travelers experience the surroundings using all their senses, exploring the place at their own pace. Only then does travelling provide an authentic satisfactionand joy.
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Perfect Blend of Luxury and Nature
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Meaningful Traveling
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Relax and Digital Detox
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Celebrating Simple Joys in Life
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Our mission

About International Glamping Federation

The International Glamping Federation has been created in response to the growth of the glamping trend, the increasing number of its followers and the continual development of the market. The idea of the IGF is to promote glamping, support the entrepreneurs of this industry and connect glamping enthusiasts. The aim of the IGF is to build an international community for all those who run a glamping business, are about to launch one or just love this form of traveling.
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Are you planning a long journey or just a weekend getaway? Check the fast-growing list of glamping resorts and find your place to be.
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Meet the team of the International Glamping Federation- glamping enthusiasts and highly experienced professionals in their field.
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