About IGF

The International Glamping Federation has been created in response to the growth of the glamping trend, the increasing number of its followers and the continual development of the market. The idea of the IGF is to promote glamping, support the entrepreneurs of this industry and connect glamping enthusiasts.

The aim of the IGF is to build an international community for all those who run a glamping business, are about to launch one or just love this form of traveling. The IGF will address the needs of new and existing businesses by delivering valuable reports and market analysis, by connecting its members with partners, supporting experience exchange, promoting and showing how to promote oneself, and many more you may come up with being an entrepreneur.

On the other hand, the IGF will support travellers in finding the perfect spot for their journeys. The International Glamping Federation will be constantly developing in order to build a multifunctional platform for every glamping enthusiast.

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